Havent done an outfit post in forever, partly as ive not bought anything worth sharing in a while and partly as i find most but a few, likewise blogs, quite disturbing at times.

Anyway, lemme focus for a moment.

This little ensemble is David Lynch-Texan cowboy-Picnic at Hanging Rock in equal measures in my head, and it came about as i saw the cowboy collar tips on this ivory silk shirt at Zara and thought of the beautiful cross my granny gave me.
I found the pleated Fred Perry skirt, a perfect match, mainly for its elasticated waist (tres whitetrash) and to make it all work, my favorite Christopher Kane/ Manolo Blahnic snakeskin laceup booties over these frilly little
nylon lace socks i got in a totally random underwear shop in Ios.
Just love shops forgotten by time. Best vintage buys are from places like that, that keep dead stock from a million years ago, only to fill space in their cupboards. You can never get these in city centres, they only creep up unexpected, on occasions you’ve taken the wrong bus or found yourself suddenly in desperate need of socks in the middle of August in the windy aegean islands.




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