SOMF @Plan 8 Paris

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Sept 25th- Oct 5th #internationalsales #somfettes #SS15 #paisleywaves


“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.”

Persephoni SS15

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Persephoni is an Athens-based  label of leather goods, designed by my good mate Peni Giannaki.
Its sooo beautiful up close, butter soft leather, mixed in with stainless steel metal and next Summer’s collection has the most incredible shades. My top 3 is the ones below. You go girl, personal order coming up!


Persephoni International Sales Valery Demure Showroom Paris 25th Sept- 2 Oct 2014

Postcards from London fashion week

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You might be all expecting an ocean of glitz and glamour, but the truth is besides having a look at the new Matar SS15 (a new obsession- photos coming soon!) and attending the once-again-stunning Christopher Kane show (i want it all and i want it now!!) , what i mostly did, was laze about with my London family of besties.I miss them all so deeply that those precious moments, were too hard to waste.

Next stop Paris!

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Summer in Athens

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Staying in Athens this Summer, was so much more fun than anticipated and i cant wait to share the fruits of some hard labour!
A little break away, from designing the new SOMF SS15 collection, found me in an old Athenian gem, Grande Bretagne, one of Athens’ most treasured lux-on-tap chichi hotels. I absolutely loved its chilled ellegance, perfect service and delicious cousine.
A week with Christopher Kane, fashion’s hottest ticket and my favourite Summer sidekick and companion, drinking cocktails by the pool with mates and strolling around town, was nothing sort of a perfect holiday. ♡

#funtimes #summerinAthens #teamkane #amillionstrawberrymargaritaslater

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summer treasures

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20140810-165328-60808671.jpg 20140810-165330-60810101.jpg
20140810-164425-60265425.jpg 20140810-164428-60268407.jpg
20140810-164423-60263388.jpg 20140810-164430-60270468.jpg

A few of my Summer treasures: Mugs by Greece is for lovers, Santorini vine products and no.61 Metallic Taupe nail colour by Korres, my archive Jonathan Saunders caftan, black and white Raybans, beach towel by the Coney island gift shop and that Prada feather headband. Photos taken at the Handlebar (only my most favourite place in the entire of Athens) and Oineas restaurant in Psirri.

Costa Navarino getaway

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A weekend of sweet nothingness, buffet dinners and riding golf carts courtesy of L’Oreal Paris and Marie Claire blog awards.
Pure bliss.
For those of you wanting a mediterranean luxury escape , i would suggest Romanos over the Westin, unless you’re bringing young children with you, in which case the Westin, is the ultimate family experience.

20140720-123127-45087351.jpg 20140720-123036-45036180.jpg
20140720-123128-45088225.jpg 20140720-123221-45141535.jpg
20140720-123028-45028462.jpg 20140720-123220-45140734.jpg


Wearing a tank top by Sonia Rykiel, a pair of vintage oversize silk bermudas, sunglasses by Miu Miu, feather arm band by Prada, oversize pearl necklace by Zara and Birkenstocks.

Ios pirates weekend

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Ios island has been my favourite for ever, so when Bianca and Freddie suggested we go for a long weekend in the beginning of July, i packed my new Ben Trill Bikini a couple of tees and some hotpants and i was ready for some long awaited nothingness under the sun.
Long live the Greek summer kids, may this one be the best one yet.


20140710-222701-80821722.jpg 20140710-222703-80823982.jpg
20140710-222911-80951871.jpg 20140710-222744-80864727.jpg
20140710-222813-80893190.jpg 20140710-222811-80891453.jpg