Costa Navarino getaway

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A weekend of sweet nothingness, buffet dinners and riding golf carts courtesy of L’Oreal Paris and Marie Claire blog awards.
Pure bliss.
For those of you wanting a mediterranean luxury escape , i would suggest Romanos over the Westin, unless you’re bringing young children with you, in which case the Westin, is the ultimate family experience.

20140720-123127-45087351.jpg 20140720-123036-45036180.jpg
20140720-123128-45088225.jpg 20140720-123221-45141535.jpg
20140720-123028-45028462.jpg 20140720-123220-45140734.jpg


Wearing a tank top by Sonia Rykiel, a pair of vintage oversize silk bermudas, sunglasses by Miu Miu, feather arm band by Prada, oversize pearl necklace by Zara and Birkenstocks.

Ios pirates weekend

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Ios island has been my favourite for ever, so when Bianca and Freddie suggested we go for a long weekend in the beginning of July, i packed my new Ben Trill Bikini a couple of tees and some hotpants and i was ready for some long awaited nothingness under the sun.
Long live the Greek summer kids, may this one be the best one yet.


20140710-222701-80821722.jpg 20140710-222703-80823982.jpg
20140710-222911-80951871.jpg 20140710-222744-80864727.jpg
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Island C lounge with Lipton

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Fun with Markos at Island C lounge courtesy of the new mojito-flavoured Lipton Iced tea (yum!) a few weeks back..



20140630-224507-81907706.jpg 20140630-224516-81916036.jpg

Im wearing total SOMF, espandrilles by Zara and an assortment of rings by Efi Armaou and Jordan Askill.

Postcards from Hydra part 2

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20140629-235605-86165372.jpg 20140629-235633-86193046.jpg
20140629-235639-86199680.jpg 20140629-235649-86209450.jpg
20140629-235659-86219290.jpg 20140629-235706-86226112.jpg
Left to right:Katerina Kana at sunset, i desperatelly want Nikos’s Komakino hats, Beautiful Globe-trotters at Hotel Orloff, Hind’s stunning Versace bag, the pharmacy at Hydra.

Postcards from Hydra part 1

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20140629-234651-85611899.jpg 20140629-234702-85622923.jpg
20140629-234713-85633125.jpg 20140629-234739-85659512.jpg
20140630-000210-130559.jpg 20140629-234815-85695831.jpg
Left to right: On the way to Vlichos, wearing a SOMF shirt and bracelets by Folli Follie and Zoe Kombitsi, beautiful Hydra, Hotel Orloff and Dakis Joannou’s boat Guilty designed by Jeff Koons.

Hydra DESTE opening

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This year, DESTE’s Project Space at the Slaughterhouse on Hydra island has been taken over by Pawel Althamer until 29th of September.

We were there for the opening night, followed by a dinner , under the stars set for 300 or so guests, a tradition held by our host Mr Dakis Joannou. What a magical night…
It was sooner than later that we ended up dancing the night away at Hydronetta and having to walk barefoot but oh-so-happy back, but hey that’s another magical story ;)

20140629-214001-78001982.jpg Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Powel Altamer: The secret of the Phaistos disc
20140629-214228-78148528.jpg 20140629-214239-78159032.jpg

In an homage to the Hydra spirit i wore a crochet skirt by Zeus and Dione, a crochet crop top by a local knitter (Hydra has one the the loveliest crochet shops ive ever visited), a clutch by Thalatta, mules by YSL (those babies are a surprising comeback item from the dark past) cross bracelets and hoops by Folli Follie (Greek summer staple, those), and amongst an assortment of others a current favourite, a moon ring by Efi Armaou.

20140629-214249-78169484.jpg 20140629-214419-78259056.jpg
Hind’s Versus by Christopher Kane high heel sandals, had me drooling..
20140629-214544-78344446.jpg 20140629-214613-78373503.jpg


DESTE Foundation Fashion Collection

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Tonight was the vernissage of the DESTE Foundation Fashion Collection at Benaki Museum, but i was honored to attend the private view last Saturday, followed by a dinner party at the house of legendary Greek Cypriot art collector and founder of DESTE, Dakis Joannou.
The host and his wonderful family, threw a bash that brought some of my favourite and oh-so terribly missed friends together, who flew in, for a three day event ending in Hydra island, in celebration of Contemporary Art and Fashion.

Its very rarely that i am lost for words, but walking around the stunning pieces of the exhibition and having one of my childhood idols, Kim Gordon, present, made me light-headed and finding the courage to speak to her, was not an option, i could master easily. I choose to ponder amongst some of the fashion and art world’s brightest minds, amongst some thought-provoking pieces of work, often discovering yet another iconic piece, amongst mr Joannou’s amazing collection. It was the evening i met Juergen Teller, another artist i admire. Got to dance next to Maurizio Cattelan; am almost entirely positive, i was scanned (and hopefully approved) by Konstantin Kakanias and danced on a glass roof, above Roberto Cuoghi’s, The Encyclopedic Palace.

Like David Shigley’s piece, that greeted us near mr Joannou’s entrance suggested, i did so hope, that Tomorrow would be Cancelled.

20140625-203751-74271158.jpg deste
20140625-203914-74354444.jpg 20140625-203911-74351972.jpg

IMG_0784 2

20140625-203917-74357076.jpg 20140625-204101-74461277.jpg
20140625-204117-74477947.jpg 20140625-210216-75736815.jpg
20140625-204144-74504799.jpg 20140625-204142-74502984.jpg
20140625-204559-74759958.jpg 20140625-204558-74758340.jpg
20140625-204648-74808686.jpg 20140625-205600-75360791.jpg
20140625-204623-74783459.jpg 20140625-204625-74785278.jpg

The exhibition at the Benaki museum, curated by Nadja Argyropoulou, Adam M. Bandler and Mark Wasiuta runs until October 12th and has on display the first 8 pieces from a project the DESTE foundation conceived to evaluate and interpret fashion, through commissioning artists, to produce work inspired by their favourite fashion pieces of the season. The intrpretation of their chosen pieces, reflects on the formal, representational, material and social economies that circulate between art and fashion.

For the occasion, i wore a Christopher Kane dress and clutch and a pair of painful, but of-so-worth-it Alaias.