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Clockwise from top, Asos on me, Prada on Despina, Adidas on Markos and MM Margiela on Genevieve. Alexandra’s boho sandal is from the Conscious collection by H&M.

all photos by Markos Andriotis

Is it Spring yet?

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Here Comes the Sun: at the Monsoon/ Accessorize SS14 presentation

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The girls at Accessorize/ Monsoon Hq. threw afternoon coctails at the cutest little place , Ble Papagalos and even though i was still recovering from last night’s FRSXXL antiques (whoever’s got photos of this, please send them my way.. my camera was elsewhere, having fun and sipping Absoluts..) i was in masive need of a good ol’ high street fix.
So currently my little, but rapidly expanding, Accessorize to-get-asap list, consists of:
Lemon slice across body clutch (i know i dont need this, but i actually do, you see..) , camera bag (yes i need this, no i dont find it naff), clear/hot pink bikini bag clutch (everybody needs this! its gonna be your only accessory at the beach on holidays and you know it!) and embroidered back pack (so maybe i wanna go to Ios and boho up this summer.. So?) and quite a few entries in the bangles area. …
Ahhh the joys of window shopping with a hangover… #funtimes


20140410-215140.jpg 20140410-215940.jpg
20140410-220038.jpg 20140410-220202.jpg

Dress up with Markos part 1

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So i guess Markos Andriotis, got bored of waiting for a new post and insisted in styling me up for one.
We call this look the white editor, i guess there’s no editor leaving her house without her top on, but there you go…. White blazer and lace up jeans by Zara Online (yes yes we finally have an online greek Zara!).

20140407-235817.jpg 20140407-235835.jpg


SOMF Fall Winter 2014 Backstage

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backstage vibes by Constantinos Caravatellis ✌️

20140401-133534.jpg 20140401-133613.jpg
20140401-133626.jpg 20140401-133647.jpg
20140401-133701.jpg 20140401-133717.jpg
20140401-133738.jpg 20140401-133752.jpg







Kindly sponsored by Lactacyd
All shoes by Adidas Stan Smith
For any enquiries please contact

Lust for life

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20140302-114204.jpg 20140302-114218.jpg

Fresh Music #1

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17 bands live in 60 minutes in 17 rooms at the abandoned Hotel Pindaros in Omonia Sq. organised by Six D.O.G.S. last Thursday.
It was mobbed. It was loud. It was epic. Hats off to Dagritzikos and his team, and job well done.

20140302-112241.jpg 20140302-112254.jpg
20140302-112324.jpg 20140302-112337.jpg

top to bottom Angelos Kyriou, my fav lady Despina, Corpses, Trashy Cord and Ta Kavouria tis Frikis.